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Portrait of Damian Hamilton
I love everything about Orbis. It represents everything that an effective design should. It’s beautifully crafted; both design and print finish. It’s simple and quirky brand mark is an intelligent and memorable way of communicating the concept of circular farming. The overall execution perfectly captures the brand philosophy and effectively positions the brand in the market. The exposed cork or naked bottle top is a stroke of genius. Damian Hamilton, Juror
Portrait of Brett Layton
The Orbis wine labels appealed to me because of their simplicity of design and communication. The wine producer’s commitment to regenerative practices is communicated effectively through the illustration of the dragon/serpent eating its own tail. The primitive illustration sits beautifully alongside the hand-scrawled typography, with a background colour used to capture your attention and differentiate the wine varietals. The labels are beautifully clean and consistent as a set but have enough impact to stand confidently on their own. When every wine brand is crying out for attention with complex design, foil, varnish and finishes, I believe Orbis will succeed because it is bucking the trend. Brett Layton, Juror
Orbis award entry artwork
Orbis award entry artwork
Orbis award entry artwork
Orbis award entry artwork


Matthew Remphrey
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Matthew Remphrey
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