Aa on the radio
Australian Design Radio episode 115

Flynn and Matt at Australian Design Radio developed a podcast with me in October 2019. It’s a mad ride, 30 or so years, a portrait of my practice and the worlds they occupy in 50 or so minutes.

The podcast medium is such an exciting space. Flynn and Matt are in a magical place. Their interview with Tea Uglow from Google is inspired. 

I was staying with the family in Manly at the time, catching up with a past life. Swimming down at South Steyne, and Fairy Bower, having a sly schooner of Black and Tan in the pub. Walking the Manly to Spit walk, catching the ferry to the city. 

Somewhere in there I find much inspiration. Be it the colours of a stormy sea, finding Flannel Flowers, catching the edge of someone’s conversation, remembering faces, places and ideas over a good coffee and amazing donut. Smelling the big fig trees on the walk up the hill towards the old hospital, as they exhaul after a warm spring day. 

I wrote three quick poems to rapidly capture fifty or so years. The poems are whimsical rants that have no real method. There are so many names, that meet slices of small histories, and places – like driving up the Bell Line of Roads on the way to Oberon.

I hope you can see this in my words, cheers to M & F for tuning me in.

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