Designing the stress free studio

Designing a stress free studio

Some will say that 'stress free studio' is an oxymoron.

From our first weeks in a design course we were told that we had to meet deadline; and be creative. This extends into the studio as one of the elements that causes mental health issues...

Designing a stress free studio

Building CX, UX, ETCX into your process

A bootcamp for designers wanting to build all those X skills into their design process.

Using a real design problem we’ll show you how to develop and sell: Research, The Business Model Canvas, Jobs-to-be done analysis, The Value Proposition Canvas, Empathy mapping and Customer journey mapping.

CX, UX, ETCX Workshop

Send your designers packing

We're looking for studios in the UK or the US willing to participate in a ‘designer exchange’. A working holiday for practising designers. Could be for a week, could be for a month, could be for a year. No working permits, no paperwork. An Australian design studio sends one of their staff to ‘go to work’ in another studio on the other side of the world. They still work on Australian work, it’s just their desk is a further away from their colleagues. And in the evenings and weekends, they get to explore. At the end they return to their ‘existing job’ renewed, reinvigorated and full of new ideas and methods to share with others.

It’s a brilliant idea.

Got any contacts OS you’d like to share? We will follow them up and get it started.

Please let Carol know.