Food Democracy: Critical Lessons in Food, Communication, Design and Art

Author and editor of Food Democracy Dr Oliver Vodeb is a lecturer and researcher at the School of Design at Swinburne University of Technology and principal curator of Memefest Festival of Socially Responsive Communication, Design and Art.

In Food Democracy, Dr Vodeb looks at food systems defined by production, distribution, consumption, and representation. He asks how we can think and create socially responsive design, communication, and art that counters the role of the food industry as a machine of consumption. Socially responsive communication design and artwork works towards establishing a culture of dialogue to empower people to create a more democratic food system.

Food Democracy comprises ground-breaking writing from leading international scholars, artists and activists, along with visual and written examples for practical alternatives to the dominant corporate forms of the current food system from around the world curated by the Memefest Festival.

Food Democracy asks the hard questions: How is advertising selling food as drugs? How can food design make us think? Why do we throw away some 40% of perfectly good fruit and vegetables at harvest? What role does pleasure play in experiencing food? Why are there fewer and fewer shops, but more and more restaurants and bars in our cities? Why is being a cook sexier than being a manager, and which trends are shaping today’s food industry?

This beautifully designed book includes a unique and delicious compilation of socially engaged recipes from the academic, artist, and activist communities. Among the special recipes: Burek the Great; Sardinian Magic; Crocodile Skewers; Slovenian Potica; Catalan Calçotada; a transcendental desert; and a recipe for how to make an omelette and sabotage infrastructure will blow your mind and delight your palate.

Aiming not just to advance scholarship, but to push ahead real change in the world, Food Democracy is essential reading for professionals and scholars in design, advertising, and related professions.

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Enjoy learning and cooking up a storm!

— QS