How to cope with uncertainty in 2021

Anyone can speculate…

But no one knows for sure what the market will do in 2021.

How are you coping with that uncertainty?

You can pivot. You can clamp down on costs. You can dial up your effort, if it’s not dialed to 110% already.

But when you sell non-scalable services, the safest, smartest strategy is to capture more of the value you create.

With higher prices.

Not by sending out a timorous email to clients with an across-the-board increase, justified by costs.

But by pricing on value, untethered from your costs. You don’t need high demand when you can price like this.

I won’t kid you. The pricing skills you need don’t come naturally.

That’s why Pricing Creativity Bootcamp exists. And heads up, as I write this, there are just 3 seats left.

It’s the six-week online training and group coaching program in which you’ll learn the principles, rules and scenario-specific strategies for selling at a higher profit.

From overcoming barriers to increased profit to taking back the closing conversation, we’ll cover it all.

You’ll internalize my strategies for pricing through:

  1. 6 bootcamp-exclusive video training modules created to answer the toughest questions raised on pricing expertise
  2. Real-life examples of one-page agency proposals that employ the Six Rules of Pricing Creativity
  3. Weekly ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions where you get feedback on your proposals, including direction on how to package, price and present
  4. A beyond networking community with 19 like-minded agency owners and executives, all on the same path to increasing profits through strategic pricing
  5. Tailored advice on how to quickly troubleshoot the most difficult issues with value-based pricing, so you can get past those struggles quickly

Importantly — you’ll reap the rewards of my experience coaching hundreds of firms to completely restructure the way they price.

That's what this program is: ME helping YOU implement the system we call Pricing Creativity — at a much lower price than we can offer one-on-one training.

But here’s the catch. There is no done-for-you fix for your pricing.

I’ll show you how.

You’ll learn from practicing with your peers.

But ultimately, it’s up to you to take action.

To get the most out of this, you’ll have to invest about three hours a week for six weeks…

Which, all in, is a fraction of what you might invest in one-off proposals that don’t always grow your bottom line.

But it does mean you need to show up.

You need to do the homework.

And ask the questions otherwise holding you back.

If you’re ready to master skills to grow your bottom line in any market, with any lead flow…

Then I invite you to join me inside Pricing Creativity Bootcamp this February.

On the fence? Ask me what you need to know to say yes or no with zero regrets.

- Blair

Blair Enns
Win Without Pitching