Increase your prices > increase your margin, right? Not so fast...

The battle to increase gross profit margin isn’t that complicated.

By simply charging more you generate a higher top line with no change to delivery costs, thus increasing the bottom line. Battle won, right?

Not so fast.

While almost any firm can learn to increase their average prices across their client base by unlearning some bad habits and embracing a few simple rules about pricing, once accomplished, the battle shifts from an external one on the front lines with the client to an internal one that is even more fierce.

The unfortunate norm is this margin won by business development through better pricing gets handed back by the delivery team through over servicing.

But... this battle can be won.

In my latest article The Complex Battle for Margin, I’ll show you how to protect your top line wins all the way down to the bottom line.


- Blair

Blair Enns
CEO, Win Without Pitching