Is your studio a bit boring?

True, we haven’t seen each other F2F for while (and for our global readers not for a while yet), but it doesn’t take long for our studios to get a wee bit boring.

Problem is, with 85% of design studios employing less than 5 people, we often tend to see the same people and hear the same views. Apart from being a tad boring, it doesn’t make for a very diverse community.

Stagnancy is not good for designers, it’s not good for the studio owner and it’s not good for our clients. The more voices and the more diversity of voices, the more robust the design solution.

The obvious solution is to employ more staff so there are more voices, more energy and more diversity, but not everyone wants to work in a larger studio and not all studio owners think bigger is better.

The less obvious solution is to mix it up by inviting interns into your studio.

How to add spice to your studio with interns