The facts about sprints

The facts about sprints

There is a lot of time invested devising methods to work smarter, more efficiently and more effectively. Some see the answer in design sprints – a methodology aimed at getting more work out of the building, faster.

Do they work?

Why do a design business model canvas workshop?

  1. Because other designers are selling workshops to clients and you have FOMO
  2. Because you want to learn a new research tool to help start projects
  3. Because you want to test a business case/new idea/venture/client segment.

What will you get out of a design business model canvas workshop?

This is what Nancy Bugeja, Managing Director of the HM Group got out of hers:

"Yesterday was amazing. A huge thanks for your time, energy, expertise and passion. Our goal was to achieve some clarity, strategy and confirmation that we’re onto something that could be really great ... we got all of that".

More about the amazing workshop...