Unlearning School: Design's most dangerous assignment

The name’s Fayle. Kate Fayle. And she’s just been given her most dangerous assignment yet. Join us to go back to school as Kate reveals Portable’s newest area of research and development.

You’ll learn from our experience of researching and co-designing with people under 18, hear how service design can address challenges in delivering education, and be invited to join the conversation to inform the next steps of our research.

Fayle is an experienced design strategist, with in-house experience in the public sector and as a sessional lecturer at RMIT, who wants to see how school can be a more empathetic and human-centred experience for students, parents, carers, teachers and policymakers.

Why’s this a dangerous mission? There’s only one way to find out: join us for a drink, and discussion at Portable Studios in the evening of 15 November 2018. BOOK TICKETS HERE.