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Bachelor of Arts (Content Creation)
Collarts’ mission is to provide high quality professional arts education and training. Collarts provides integrated, socially inclusive education allowing for a diversity of voices, collaboration, reciprocity and learning, and has adopted four principles to govern the operation of all its courses:

  • Collarts will ensure students become highly competent in the skills needed by the professions for which they are being prepared.
  • Collarts will develop the communication skills of its students, in writing, verbally, visually, and in other ways of communicating.
  • Collarts will promote free intellectual inquiry among its students and staff. It will develop in its students the capacity to become flexible creative thinkers who can look at problems from a number of different perspectives, and gather, analyse and synthesise evidence.
  • Collarts will develop among its students a capacity for lifelong learning, to enable students to keep abreast of the changing world in which they will practise.

Collarts values its engagement with industry and the resultant currency of its programs.

Collarts also values artistic and academic integrity and encourages its students in the pursuit of excellence and innovation through creativity, critical reflection, individual endeavour, exploration, experimentation and honesty - unconstrained by style or genre and informed by scholarship and industry best practice.
Collarts seeks to promote:

  • intellectual freedom and the pursuit of open, creative enquiry
  • personal growth and a commitment to lifelong learning
  • excellence in development of communication skills
  • honesty, respect and tolerance in relationships which is exemplified through ethical behaviour of the highest standard
  • the value of cultural diversity in all aspects of College life

Collarts also offers its students access and opportunity to work in a fully operational Creative Studio, operated by Industry Professionals integrated into the Bachelor of Arts to give students every opportunity to succeed in their chosen career path.
Course Overview:
The Bachelor of Arts (Content Creation) degree has been created to provide students with not only an understanding of digital media but an insight into how it can be utilised in today’s world to create a variety of content to meet the needs of individuals, groups, communities and corporations to achieve a greater purpose. The Bachelor of Arts (Content Creation) aims to:

  1. To provide students with appropriate theoretical and academic instruction in the core disciplines associated with content creation.
  2. To provide students with a broad-based knowledge of content creation and the skills of content creators.
  3. To provide students with the theoretical, practical, and creative knowledge and skills to enter the content creation industry at an advanced level.