How to make brands come alive in PowerPoint


Tue 8th June, 2021


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AGDA Timplates Powerpoint


We have rescheduled this webinar to Tuesday, June 8th. If you have already registered, you will be able to log in with the original link in your confirmation email.


Timplates has been designing and building Word and PowerPoint templates for over ten years. During this time they have encountered a range of different uses for Word and PowerPoint and a number of different challenges.

Timplates founder, Tim Godbert, will demonstrate on a PC how to build a three slide Presentation template in PowerPoint. Most of the steps discussed can be done equally well on a Mac, and Tim will address the difference between the two.

The 45 minute session will include relevant tips and tricks to help deal with this type of work and there will be an opportunity for questions at the end of the session.

"We make brands come alive."
"We work with design studios, agencies and businesses to build high quality templates, documents and presentations that are on brand and easy to use."

For those who can’t make the time; the recording will be available to view for 7 days following the webinar.

Portrait of Tim Godbert

Tim Godbert

Tim Godbert has spent the last fifteen years designing and building Word and PowerPoint templates.

His career pathway has spanned technical illustration, graphic design and finished art, which has led to an appreciation of problem solving and an understanding of the importance of protecting brand integrity.

Tim is a co-founder of Timplates, a Melbourne based templating studio that positions brand protection as its core guiding principle. He is a qualified Microsoft Expert in Word and PowerPoint, but more importantly, he can draw on the experience of having built thousands of templates and encountered all manner of different uses, users and situations.

Tim can explain how Microsoft templates form an integral part of a brand journey. And he can show the nuts and bolts of how to build a basic Word and PowerPoint template.