Leah Dent

Leah is a graphic designer and founding director of Studio Bomba. She is also a founding director of Mitchell & Dent and the president of AGDA WA.\r\n\r\nBomba is a studio of brand boffins who spend every last second of our work-a-day lives thinking about how people can best use design to close their brand's gap between ‘who are they?’ and ‘I love them!’.\r\n\r\nThought full.\r\nThoughtful.


Perth TAFE



Year Position Branch
2011 President Western Australia
2006 Councillor Western Australia
2005 Councillor Western Australia
2004 Sub Committee Member Western Australia
2003 Student Representative Western Australia
2002 Student Representative Western Australia

Selected clients

Rewind Coffee Tea & Cocoa
Parker & Co. Menswear
Vasse Felix Wines
Ecali Fine Jewellery
Lad & Lass (Fanciful Fare for Little Folk)
Silvana Coffee
Shane Crothers Homes
Rohan Jewellery