David Whitbread

David Whitbread is the author of 'The Design Manual' (UNSW Press, Sydney, 2001) which won an Australian Award for Excellence in Educational Publishing in 2002. A Chinese-language edition was published in 2008. The second revised and expanded edition was released in 2009. He also co-wrote and art directed the sixth edition of the Commonwealth 'Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers' (Wiley, Brisbane, 2002). Formerly Design Director of the Australian Government Publishing Service and Head of Graphic Design at the University of Canberra, he was also Corporate Communications Manager and Head of Graphic Design, Video and Web teams in Australian Government agencies in Canberra. He is currently preparing the third edition of 'The Design Manual' and is an adviser on the seventh edition of the Commonwealth 'Style Manual'. He is the ACT Director on AGDA's National Board (since 2018).


Year Position Branch
2020 ACT Region Director National
2019 ACT Region Director National
2003 Councillor Australian Capital Territory
2002 Events, Secretary Australian Capital Territory
1998 Councillor Australian Capital Territory
1997 Councillor Australian Capital Territory


Selected clients

Aeolus Wind Trio
Canberra Area Theatre Awards
Australian Government Solicitor
Digital Transformation Agency