Selected clients

Digital Media Designer (2019 4 February – 26 July)
Industrial partner: Ramus Illumination (Bruce Ramus)
An unconventional project for The Star Sydney
Employer: Dr. Caitilin de Bérigny Interaction Design Artist
specializing in sound and visual multi-media interactive installations.
Size of team: Individual Work
The role: Create a digital artwork inspired by Biophilic concept
My experience and responsibilities
The site visit
Design Proposal (Idea)
Drawing Storyboard
Video Location setup
Video shooting for 8k resolution digital canvas
Video Editing
Multimedia Artist Caldera Festival (2018 7 August – 2 Dec)
Industrial partner: City of Sydney Council
Digital Placemaking for the historic blacksmith forge at Eveleigh Locomotive Workshop
Employer: Laurence Rosier Staines Filmmaker
interactive event director
Festival producer
Size of our team: 11 Artists & 5 Performers
The role of our team: Produce an intimate and immersive journey over four nights of entertainment. Incredible burlesque dancers
experimental underground music
and of course interactive art installations.
My experience and responsibilities
Design Proposal for electronic art installation (Idea)
Creating graphic electronic art experience on digital canvas by design programming with p5.js
User Experience Designer (2018 1 February – 28 Jun)
Industrial partner: The University of Sydney Campus Infrastructure Services (CIS)
Digital Placemaking for the University of Sydney Campus
Employer: Dr. Luke Hespanhol Interaction designer and electronic artist.
Size of our team: 4 Interaction Design students
The role of our team: Improving the student experience with the local community surrounding the campus at Botany lawn (One of the most distinct areas at the University of Sydney) at night.
My experience and responsibilities
Initial Research Report based on the human-centered design process.
Design Proposal (concept)
Prototyping and building interactive digital products within a creative idea.
Design Modelling and Fabrication
Information Architecture and design a technological platform for building sensor-based interfaces with various software and hardware construction tools.
UX testing & reporting
Android App design
Video concept
Evaluation Report (Idea)
User Interface Designer (2017 4 July – 24 November)
Industrial partner: WOOLIESX
Interface Design (Improvement for shopping online in Woolworths)
Employer: Dr. Martin Tomitsch Associate Professor
Chair of Design
Research Director of the Design Lab
Size of our team: 3 Interaction Design students
The role of our team: Improvement delivery process
My experience and responsibilities
Initial Research Report
Design Proposal (Idea)
Product roadmap
Information Architecture and User interface design for Android App
Wireframes for Android App
Mockups and Interactive Prototype for Android App
User testing and feedback session
InVision prototype created and tested
Evaluation Report
Graphic Designer (2015 - Currently)
Mirza Design Studio
Employer: Self-employed
Size of team: Individual Work
The role: Freelance Graphic Designer
My experience and responsibilities
Graphic design (Vector design
3D design
Corporate Identity & Branding (Logo design
Stationery design
Business Card design…)
Print Design (Packaging design
Poster Design
Advertisement design…)