Mr Xandro Lombardi

I like to be different, so I prefer to immerse myself in your brand right from the start. I like to get right into your brand by working with you on what it means to you, what it communicates to your clients, and how it is perceived by your audience.
I handle pretty much everything to do with your brand - from translating your business ideas into a unique set of branding collateral, to providing you with the best possible means of communicating those ideas effectively with the people who need to see it - the consumers.


Year Position Branch
2013 Councillor New South Wales
2012 Councillor New South Wales
2011 Councillor New South Wales
2010 Councillor New South Wales

Selected Portfolio


Selected clients

Football NSW
Carlton United Brewers
Goldsearch Ltd
County Coal
Aus Migration International
Offset Alpine Printing
Oz Rock