Max Robinson (1934-2018)

Congratulate and celebrate with Max at the AGDA National Awards Presentation Event in Brisbane on Saturday 16th October.

Excerpts from an interview with Max by Mimmo Cozzolino and John Nowland

Max Robinson 1934-2018

Talented, quixotic, jovial, lovable, intelligent, gracious, curious, gregarious, humble. "A really good man is known by three qualities: generosity in the design, humanity in the execution and moderation in the success" - Bismarck

Max studied for a year at art school and then got a job washing brushes at Clemengers. He was then apprenticed to Max Forbes (Hall of Fame inductee) after Forbes and Peter Clemenger saw some of Max junior's signed posters in the window of Meadmores Model Shop (Clem Meadmore's father) on their way to the theatre.

After serving duty, the following year Max junior began freelancing, and then shortly thereafter decided, like everyone else it seems, to go to London.

Max worked in London for 12 years, married, made a family. He was influenced by place, people, attitudes and the rich, diverse, bohemian style of London to the timely discipline of the Swiss school. This was all blended and pureed then simplified with Max's quality, care and touch.

Max listened, worked and experienced London, he savoured and contributed all he could, but with a young family, Australia called.

In London Max worked for Avis, designing displays, calendars, posters, brochures, for BOAC airlines, Trust Houses Forte, Caledonian Airlines, Stamps of the World, Quant, Qantas and more.

In Australia: World Record Club, Melbourne Film Festival, Reserve Bank, Global Funds Management, Department of Trade, BHP, Western Mining, Esanda, Yulara, Hospitals of Australia, Colonial Mutual Life, Alcoa, Spotless, Gribbles, Nurses Board of Victoria and more. Max has also designed money. The $10 note.

When asked how he would like to be remembered professionally, Max replied, "An artist, an artist of some quality, and a good bloke!... I'd like to be remembered as somebody who understood quality and could practice it. Quality is everything; communication, making, thought, relationships, art..."

Max's passion for art, design, writing, conviviality and his unwavering optimism is a testament to the man. He listens, he sees and he shares. His talent/skill both as an artist and designer are acknowledged and respected as a visual communicator.

We welcome, knock once and push you through the doors of the AGDA Spicers Paperpoint Hall of Fame.

Congratulations Max!

Join in the congratulatory celebrations when Max is inducted at the 10th AGDA National Awards Presentation Event in Brisbane on Saturday 16th October 2010.

Max Robinson. Photo. Ben McIntyre

Avis portable Work Station. Folds into a box. Fits into a Mini. London 1970

Avis Calendar. London 1971

Spread from BHP "Steel in N.Z." brochure.1959

Black Dolphin Motel, Merimbula. Architect Robin Boyd. 1960

Model for Earl's Court exhibition stand for BOAC, featuring images projected from pods onto white spaceframe ceiling (not shown) and walls. London 1970

Consumer Affairs Victoria. Annual Report 2008. Designers, Max Robinson/ Lauren Mooney

Department of Trade. Tourism and Resources Map for presentation to dignitaries. 1962

Global Funds Management. Part of Prospectus series. Late Eighties

Joint promotion, Mary Quant and Qantas. London 1970

Melbourne Film Festival programme 1958

Melbourne Film Festival 1958

Reserve Bank of Australia 1993

Victorian Wine Press Club 1985

World Record Club. 1958

World Record Club. 1960