Design Shift: Tech vs. Humans
Part 2: Grant Farrelly

1pm (AEST), every Tuesday in June

Well, nothing could have prepared us for the recent events of 2020, not only from major disruptions in our lives due to the pandemic but also the need to adopt technological innovation at a much faster pace than ever before. At the rising age of data science, digital platforms, automation, artificial intelligence, cyborgs and smart technology – are we losing touch with what it means to be human?

AGDA now brings ‘Design Shift: Tech vs. Humans’ online – a weekly five-part live webinar series with our presenter, San San Truong. We have prepared a line up of speakers with a view to learn what communication and technology companies, designers and thought leaders are practicing today to acknowledge humanity in the face of rapid technological change. Plug into their minds as we touch on some key issues each week to consider and explore their contributions of human-centric design for what might shape a better future.

Part 2: Designing for Preference

Grant Farrelly – Head of UX & Co-founder at Penso

Our next guest speaker is Grant Farrelly, the head of UX and co-founder of Penso. As online tools are becoming a necessary part of life, with individuals and businesses are now more digitally connected than ever before. Grant will take you through how the rapid evolution of technology has dramatically changed how humans interact and engage with products and services. He will explore what users expect, and their need to feel empowered to gain their trust. See real-world examples of how companies and organisations are designing and delivering these preference-based experiences and how we as designers can start to adopt this thinking in our design approach.

Followed by a Q&A.

Design Shift Series – TECH vs. HUMANS

Presented by San San Truong for AGDA