2016 Mentorship Program

The 2016 AGDA SA Mentor Program is now open for applications.

The AGDA SA Mentor Program was initiated in 2002 to provide industry support to graphic design students. The Mentor Program provides a flexible alternative to work experience, which many professionals find difficult to support. AGDA SA is seeking applications for the 2016 AGDA SA Mentor Program. Successful applicants will be design students in their final year of study who are current financial AGDA members. These creative, self-motivated people will have a keen interest to broaden their knowledge of the graphic design industry.

Want to apply?

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Are you a final year student and an AGDA member? If not, join at
  2. Download and fill out the Mentor Program registration form
  3. Write a formal letter of introduction.
  4. Have your self-promotion piece or folio, displaying your five best pieces of work, ready to send.
  5. Enclose your application form, self-promotion piece and letter in an envelope and post or hand deliver to the supplied address.
  6. Have your applications in before 5pm on the 22.08.16.
  7. The Mentor Program launch will take place in September.


Application form