AGDA VIC Mentor Program
Call For Applications

The 2017 AGDA Mentoring Program is dedicated to bringing together experienced designers with those that are seeking help, advice, and/or experience. The program aims to promote and nurture the sharing of real-world skills and the benefits of a design network to its members.

The AGDA Mentorship Program is a member only benefit available to current AGDA members with at least 3 years’ industry experience. This professional-level mentorship is tailored to provide participants advice and training for issues relating to those currently employed, seeking advancement within the industry or even starting their own practice.




Graphic Design


Packaging Design




The Program has limited positions available and will run for up to 9 weeks (6-8 x 1 hour sessions), starting 25th September until 24th November 2017.

The Applicant will be required to:

  • Complete AGDA Mentorship application form via Google Forms
  • Include a URL link your portfolio via your own web site or a Behance portfolio demonstrating a minimum of 5 recent pieces relevantto your disciplines/areas of interest
  • Include your current membership number

Submissions close on the 15th September for the 2017 Program.

Program Areas

The following list is an overview of the topics that can be covered during the Program. It is up to both mentor and mentee to define the scope of the Mentorship using these topics to create an outcome that gives both value and ownership to the mentee.

1. Business Development

Networking, marketing, niche markets, business focus, assessing competition.

2. Concept Development

Briefing, researching, brainstorming, sketching, processes, presentation, techniques, technical skills.

3. Staff Management

Recruitment, management techniques, briefing techniques, staff retention, team building, staff education & growth opportunities.

4. Presentation Techniques (Clients)

Researching techniques, presentation processes, focus, client backgrounds, tools & methods.

5. Starting/Running a Studio

Business registration, business development, client management, business resources, industry participation and invoicing.

6. Project Management

Processes, time frames, deadlines, invoicing, admininstration, client management.

7. Process

Design ideation techniques, creative mood boards, design rational advice, digital reference sources.

8. Creative Research

Briefing, Research skills, methods, resources, processes, research, presentations.

For more information on the program, selection criteria and membership incentives download the brochure here.

Click here to complete the Application form.


This is a free member benefit program for all current AGDA members with a minimum of 3 years experience, limited places are available.

Successful applicants will be notified by phone or email by 22nd September.


David Ansett - Truly Deeply

Chris Butcher - Milo & Co.

Monique DeJong - Contractor

Michelle Jeavons - Tank (co-founder)

Mirella Marie - Vertigo (founder)

Kat Mew - ACMI

Jack Mussett - Motherbird

Quan Payne - Cornwell (ECD)

Brian Rodrigo Llagas - Edison Agency

Helen Watts - Helen Watts Design

Jacob Zinman-Jeanes - Today

more Mentor announcements to come!