AGDA WA Mentor Program
Applications Open



Mentoring generally involves one-on-one relationship between a professional in a particular field or industry and a final year graphic design student. AGDA WA will assist in matching up the Mentor with the Mentee to ensure that both parties share common interests and passions.

The mentoring program will helps foster design skills, improve communication, confidence and networking ability and will offer when needed, moral support, advice, encouragement, inspiration and a good contact in the design community.

Once a mentor and mentee have been matched up. They will determine the degree of contact. It could take the form of a fortnightly get-together, one day a week work experience in the Mentor’s studio, or email access for questions as they come up, or whatever is most likely to work for both parties.

During these negotiations, it is important to establish goals and expectations in an informal context.


Our primary focus for the program is to find the best possible match for Mentors and Mentees. As a result, we can’t guarantee that all students will be placed in the program. If we feel that we are unable to match you with the right student, then we will not force an incompatible match.


Wrangle up a collection of your design work (Minimum 3 pieces). It doesn’t have to be portfolio standard we just need to see the type of work you’re interested in doing. Have this online for us to view. Go to the following link and fill out an application form:

Sit back and wait to hear from us (Mid August 2017).

To be eligible for the program you must be a current AGDA student member in your final year of studies.

Applications close: end of June