AGDA WA Mentor Program
Mentee Call-Out


Looking to sanitise your portfolio and socially distance yourself from your competition? AGDA WA’s 2020 mentor program can elevate your craft and aid you in putting your best portfolio foot forward. We’ve enlisted the help of some of Perth’s most accomplished and respected designers to share their tips, tricks and sage advice on all things design. Places are limited though, so SCRUB UP!


AGDA WA will assist in matching you with a Mentor whose work, skills and interests align with your own. Once matched, yourself and your Mentor will determine the degree of contact. This could take the form of a fortnightly get-together, one day a week work experience, or email access for questions and feedback. During these negotiations, it is important to establish goals and expectations in an informal context.

The goal of the Mentoring program is to help develop design skills, improve communication, confidence and networking ability. Additionally, moral support, advice, encouragement and inspiration will be offered when needed.


To be eligible for the mentor program you must be a current AGDA student member in your final year of study.

Compile a minimum of 3 pieces of your design work for us to view online. These will be used to obtain an understanding of where your interests lie and subsequently, which Mentor will be the best match for you. Next, head on over to the application form – and fill out an application form.


4th September 2020 Places are strictly limited!