Coaching for Creative Leaders

Melbourne-based Strategy & Innovation Consultancy Tank launches new online platform with coaching creative leaders at its core.

Answering the call for more adaptive and mindful industry leadership, Melbourne-based Strategy and Innovation Consultancy, Tank has launched MarchFirst - an online platform with a core focus of nurturing a community of creative, purpose-driven leaders.

As an accredited B Corporation and values-led business, Tank - now in their 24th year of operating - see the need for a space where people from a range of industries (not just design or tech) can come together to access one-on-one coaching, learning and to learn together and challenge one another to reach their potential.

MarchFirst began in 2018 as a weekly leadership briefing co-authored by Marita Davies and Jim Antonopoulos; it has now evolved into an online platform, a Member’s Slack community, monthly and ad hoc coaching, as well as a growing archive of online courses, playbooks and content from The Weekly Journal of Creative Leadership ; authored by Jim Antonopoulos since 2016.

“There are many business coaching and online learning offerings on the market — and good ones at that. We saw an opportunity to bring together a range of people, with diverse perspectives to offer coaching to help develop a creative leadership mindset and skill set, alongside a sustainable business.” says Jim Antonopoulos, MarchFirst Founder and Tank’s Managing Director.

A core part of the MarchFirst offering is a panel of coaches , available in 90-minute sessions or in monthly group sessions which have attracted people from around Australia, South America, and Europe — allowing people to curate their own coaching and learning with experienced and still practicing industry leaders who themselves are running their own successful ventures.

With a goal to have eight coaches in the next few months, the first four already show strong signs of diverse experiences in a wide range of industries, from design and creativity, through to publishing, business ownership, business strategy, marketing, entrepreneurship, career and personal growth, creative writing, and public speaking.

“People need a community that they can not only draw inspiration from but also to share their own experiences and struggles as entrepreneurs, alongside what they want to achieve in life and in their businesses.” says Damian Karaula. “At the heart of MarchFirst is a community that leans in and listens.”

Ultimately, the aim for MarchFirst is to create a global community that helps purpose-driven leaders to uncover their purpose and bring that to their work — in turn ensuring that Tank is doing its part in creating businesses that are a force for good; a key ethos of B Corporations the world over. Marita Davies, a member of the Marchfirst coaching team says “There is such a need for a new kind of leadership mindset in our industry and in the organisations we work with. Mindful, creative, diverse and culturally aware. We really wanted to meet this need and find a new way to support creative professionals and developing creative leaders.”

For more information on MarchFirst, visit or email [email protected] if you are interested in more information or in joining the coaching team.

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