2020 QLD Conversation Series - Postponed

We firstly like to just extend our heartfelt concern and acknowledgement around the current situation that we are facing.

The DIA have received correspondence from our National team, as well as consulted with our panellists as well as with Schiavello who has very kindly offered their space.

We have decided to shift Conversation Series to an online format.

As such, to get everybody ready we would need a little bit more time.

Therefore, we will be postponing the event this Thursday. At present we propose we shift the event to the end of April.

We view this as a great opportunity to engage our member regionally, internationally and travelling in an online format. It is interesting how times of difficulty often push us to innovate in a way that we wouldn't necessarily have done in a time of relative ease. We would like to continue this conversation, we feel that it is even more pertinent now.

Please watch your emails in the next couple of days.

We will be sending out educational videos on how to use our meeting platform. From there, we will also be sending out further information with regards to other events and what their formats potentially will be going forward.

We're all designers. We all think laterally. Let’s use this time to innovate in this space. We call upon you as our members to help us in this. We are a nonprofit organisation. And we are here for the industry to support the industry and we really want you as our supporters and as our members to help us do this well. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please send them to us, collaboration in this time is crucial.

Lastly - those of you who have paid for tickets. We are going to be crediting those tickets towards the postponed event at a discounted price. The rest of the ticket price will be credited to a further online event that we'll be holding until such time that we're able to gather physically again.

Thank you all for your understanding and comradeship in this time.

Your Council,

Paul, Roz, Erin and Dan