Best Awards 2021
Call for Entries - GRAPHICS

Change of convener for graphics judges.
Best Awards thanks Jef Wong for an amazing five years.

Graphics Convener, Jef Wong, steps aside after five years and hands over to Ryan Marx.

Jef Wong, FDINZ and Executive Creative Director at Designworks steps aside as convener of the graphics judges for the Best Design Awards 2021.

He hands over to Ryan Marx, PDINZ and Executive Creative & Managing Director of Marx Design.

In Jef's Words

For me, the Best Design Awards have always been – and always will be – a representation of the richness, depth and diversity of design (and designers) in Aotearoa New Zealand.

As Convenor of the Graphic category, I am incredibly proud to have helped build on the rich and diverse archive of Aotearoa New Zealand’s best design by celebrating the amazing ideas, projects and people of the Best Design Awards.

Every year, it has been one of the hardest things I’ve done – but also the most rewarding, as I’ve been able to see such a breadth of amazing work and meet amazing people from all across the country.

However, just as the award entries reflect the rich, diverse and ever changing landscape of design, so should the judging and convening.

That’s why, after five wonderful years, it’s time to hand over the role of Convenor of Graphic. I’m both honoured and excited to be able to welcome the brilliantly talented and astute Ryan Marx, who will bring his own unique approach and perspective, as we continue to add to the archive and set an ever-higher standard for what ‘Best’ can be.

Thank you for having me. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

In Ryan's Words

Firstly, to stand on the shoulders of people like Jef Wong is an honour and they are big shoes to fill.

Thank you Jef for leaving the Best Design Awards in such great form, the work, the people, and the community.

The Best Design Awards have always been a driver for Aotearoa New Zealand’s design community. It’s a platform to be our best, and better our best, year on year. Best is more than an award, it’s a culture and thanks to Best, New Zealand’s design community has an excellent global reputation.

I am looking forward to the new role. I can’t wait to be working alongside New Zealand’s amazing design community and I will work hard to maintain the high standards that have been set.

Thanks again Jef, Ka kite anō.

Graphics Categories

Business Communication
Colour Award Graphics
Design Communication
Design Craft
Editorial and Books
Environmental Graphics
Large Brand Identity
Self Promotion
Small Brand Identity
Student Graphics

Publishable Description

We have added into the entry process another field besides the text field the judges read. We have added a new field where you can write about the project, and this text will be be published with your project on the Best website as a finalist.


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Key dates for 2021:

  • April 7 Entries Open 2021
  • July 2 Entry Deadline 2021
  • July 7 Late Entries 2021
  • July 9 Supporting Material Due
  • August 1 to 7 Judging Week 2021
  • August 10 Finalists Announced 2021
  • Friday 8 October Awards Night 2021