Create Change Exhibition
Call For Submissions

Call for submissions: AGDA Create Change Exhibition 4th June 2021

If you’re a creative thinker, designer, business, technologist or collaborator, we invite you to submit a project or piece of work that reflect ideas that ‘Create Change’ for an upcoming showcase exhibition.

This exhibition is an extension of a series of talks held in late March for Melbourne Design Week, challenging us to ‘Design the world we want’. AGDA Design Shift facilitates this opportunity to come together, to inspire and connect with creative minds and to show how effective design can be used for good.

Works that are featured in this exhibition can be anything from brand, creative advertising and strategy, UX, Interactive, new media & technology, video, graphic design, art, illustration to print and packaging design. It aims to look at works from multidisciplinary designers, organisations and innovative thinkers satisfying three essential ingredients:

  1. Idea - How did it all start?
  2. Craft - How was it done?
  3. Effect - How did it affect change or make an impact?


If your aim was to create change, whether it was for positive business, social behaviour or environmental impact, then we invite you to be part of an exhibition which aims to showcase some of the best work in industry and upcoming design.

Submit your interest with a short blurb about your piece and any visual examples of your work. Include the client name, artists/collaborators, agency/organisation. If your application has been successful, we will respond with a request to have your work featured at the exhibition with any requirements necessary.

Please submit your interest by: 6th May 2021
Email contact: [email protected]