Introducing the new AGDA Website

Hi everyone,

Hoping you all continue to stay well. Some good news — the new AGDA website is now live.

Given many of us are house-bound atm, we thought it was important you could access it sooner rather than later - so we brought the launch date forward. As well as being very user-friendly, the site includes improved member profiles that'll better connect and promote you in the design community and to businesses looking for design services.  

The key features of the new are:

New and improved AGDA member profiles. 

  • Link articles, events, awards and much more to your profile to showcase your contributions. See examples from Nicholas Eldridge, Carol Mackay, and Richie Meldrum
  • Make yourself more visible to the broader design community, and importantly, businesses looking for design services.
  • More easily manage events, subscriptions, member benefits, and more from your member account.

AGDA Awards website has been merged into the new

  • The AGDA awards have also been integrated into the new website, giving a broader view of the work of AGDA members. 2019's work has already been auto-attributed to members who were awarded.

Are you an existing member and have a profile on our old site?

If you had an online member profile on our old site, you’ll need to reset your password on our new site to access your profile. You’ll only have to do this once.

  • Go to the ‘Sign in’ page, scroll to the bottom and select ‘Reset your password’.
  • You’ll be asked to enter your member number — if you can’t remember your member number, please email [email protected] and we’ll send it to you within 24 hours.
  • An email will be sent to your account. When it arrives follow the provided link and enter a new password.
  • When your member account was migrated a few small things — formatting mainly — may have changed during transfer. Please check them, update, and then you’re good to go!

This new site has been many months of work from Peptolab and AGDA – with special mentions to Simon Mundy (Peptolab), Nic Eldridge, Steve Robbins, and also to Warrick Sears and Andrew Ashton for their help with content; and our State Councils for their candid feedback and stress testing!

We need feedback!

No one’s perfect ;) In the first few weeks of the site we’re expecting there may be small fixes needed - if you spot one please let us know!! Our priority was to get you the site as soon as we could – especially as most of us are isolating at the moment. Send your feedback to [email protected] 

Best wishes, 



Portrait of Adele Tarnawski

Adele Tarnawski

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My entire career has and always will be focused on people. I’ve spent over 10 years in various roles helping companies with their employees and franchisees, their customers, and the public. Over this time I’ve amassed a bunch of skills and a fascination for behaviour change, brands, and coaxing talk into action.

I proudly represent The Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) as the President on the AGDA National Board.