Pause Awards 2021
Call for Entries Now Open!


9 JUN – 1 OCT

Pause Awards will highlight new businesses and individuals that are building impactful futures in various industries. We’re looking for successful products, services, people, ideas and campaigns that are leaving a positive impact in society and building a better ecosystem.

Key information regarding your Pause Awards 2021 entry:

  • Deadlines: 16 Jul ($265), 24 Sep ($325) and 1 Oct ($395)
  • This year we have ten new categories: Defiant Ones, Creative Genius, Underground, Exit Planet, Circular Pioneer, You have Ethics, Work Sweet Work, Going Green, Inside Out and Inception Award up for grabs!
  • Entries will be judged on their business success, smart tactics, resiliency, positive impact on company culture, business and society.
  • Honourees will be featured on Pause Fest website and will get promo kits.


Early Entry Deadline: 16 July ($265 - Save 20%)



Get Featured

Get featured in Pause Award comms alongside winners, on our website and at the event.

New Opportunities

Tell your success story to the world and get invited to speak at Pause Fest events or video Think Tanks.

Boost Your Brand

We’ll provide you with a promo kit and an optional designer trophy to help promote your victory to prospects, clients, and peers.

Global Access

No matter where you live, now you can enter Pause Awards from any country and city on the planet.

Challenge Yourself

Compete with the best in class. Get noticed by business leaders and reviewed by over 40 global industry experts.

Build Credibility

Gain the Pause Fest stamp of approval for creating truly remarkable achievements.



You can nominate an Individual or a Company. Please select one from options below. Entries will be judged on their business success, smart tactics, resiliency, positive impact on company culture, business and society.

Hammer Award

For nailing it.

Out of the Garage Award

For scaling globally.

Super Connector Award

For being the community champ.

Prodigy Award

For being exceptional.

Unexpected Twist Award

For a great pivot.

I Wish I'd Done That Award

For sheer brilliance.

Do You Know Who I Am Award

For the silent achiever.

Big Noise Award

For media cut through.

B-Good Award

For a good business.

Indi Award

For new and First Peoples.

The Hall of Fame

For future builders.

Baton Award

For the life-long mentor.

Creative Genius Award

For smart execution.

Underground Award

For early stage mavericks.

Exit Planet Award

For the best exit.

Inception Award

For visionary thinkers.

Circular Pioneer Award

For making a difference.

You have Ethics Award

For the right values in life and business.

Work Sweet Work Award

For a great workplace culture.

Going Green Award

For delivering impact and scale.

Inside Out Award

For unlocking hidden potential.

Defiant Ones Award

For new tech breakthroughs.



Early Entry Deadline: 16 July ($265 - Save 20%)