The 2020 Creative Industry Mental Health Survey

A three-year global study of the state of mental health across the creative and tech industries. 


In 2018, Melbourne-based strategy and innovation consultancy Tank, began the journey to give the quiet voices within the creative and technology industries a chance to be heard — and since then, have developed an annual survey with its finger firmly on the pulse of the wellbeing of our industry.

You can take the survey here.

An ethically-minded team, Tank are an accredited B Corporation who are driven to call out inequality, practices and working environments that are conducive to unhealthy work/life balance, and act as triggers for mental health issues. Led by Karina Dea, Marita Davies and Jim Antonopoulos, they're committed to developing a platform which offers the quieter voices in the industry to be heard.

Inspired by an email received in response to an article written in their Weekly Journal of Creative Leadership — the team rallied around a powerful, vulnerable and authentic story of inequality, anxiety and depression, and created what turned out to be a three-year journey to learn about mental health in the creative industry around the world. The 2019 survey attracted responses from over 55 countries.

Please take 10 minutes out of your day and complete the survey HERE.

The survey will be live for the next month and a consolidated report of the findings from the last three years will be published shortly thereafter.