The Design Conference
Tickets Close Friday / Less than 33 left

Tickets Close Friday Less than 33 Left Two Weeks till Kick-Off

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If you've never been to TDC, we've uploaded a bunch of fresh content to wet the ol' whistle. Be sure to watch Wolff Olins MD (now Global Principal) Amanda Munilla and her not-so-normal rise through the ranks of design. An epic talk with lols rolled in for good measure.

So imagine these talks but 100% interactive!

Yeah, baby! Now you're streamin'


It's all 'bout gettin’ Hybrid Presented By Orbits

Let The Good Times Stream

If you can’t make it to Brissy this year, we’ve got you covered with our cutting-edge Hybrid-vibes.

You’ll be able to attend a cosmically delicious digital experience and we’re not doing the standard - stream every talk from your bedroom in your undies jam - we’ve moved on and are delivering a digital immersion that mimics the live festival.

All thanks to a partnership we've struck-up with fellow Aussie trailblazers Orbits.


Stuck in COVID Lock Down?

Reach out and we can provide you with a significant discount to help speed things along.

Sending you all love, strength and courage.