Time Extension
Calling All Storytellers

Deadline Extended Calling All Storytellers Closes to Monday, April 26

In partnering with WeTransfer, we’ve created the opportunity for six creatives to receive A$1000 cash, five nights accommodation and full AAA access to #TDCbne21.

Pretty sweet gig right? The goal is to capture the essence of TDC and showcase it to the world using your skills, with a little help from Paste.

Trying to convey this world-class experience isn’t for the faint of heart. The ideal outcome of this competition is to demonstrate that TDC is more than just an amazing event, it’s a rite of passage for creatives aspiring to make the most of their lives and careers. Creatives like you.

Your willingness to use Paste in this project is key. Paste is WeTransfer’s premiere deck-building software, letting you focus on your ideas and not getting stuck on the small stuff. It’s intuitive as hell, with adjustable brand guidelines and formatting - so nobody uses the wrong shade of blue or, God forbid, Comic Sans.

If your game (you’re totally game, we can tell), entering couldn’t be easier. We’ll recruit six applicants with a passion for illustration, photography, copywriting, journalism or other creative backgrounds. If you don’t see your skillset listed, but feel you’ve got what it takes, we’d still love to hear from you.

Apply Now Or Forever hold your Peace.