This idea has been on our mind, but not until we heard someone from the audience this year asking why isn’t Pause Fest getting tech, creative, corporate and government together in the same room to drive the actual change and influence the policy?

Perhaps now is the right time to ask that question.


In partnership with IdeaScale innovation management software and in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 we are launching live ideas poling under five key areas of interest for Australia.

1. Smart & Sustainable Cities
2. Future of Work
3. Innovation & Startup Policy
4. Artificial Intelligence & Digital Economy
5. ‘Changes’ - Other Topics

The main topics, ideas and issues submitted will be published as the White Paper and an additional stage will be set to discuss all those ideas at the next event.

Going live on 1st April.


In 2015, Philanthropist Bill Gates presented 8 min talk called:
The next outbreak? We're not ready.

Watch the TED talk now.