Our Principles

You are, because we are. The creative sector is defined by its diversity, our influence and opportunity comes from a shared purpose. As one, we can use our creativity, passions and ideas to help share the course of community’s vision for business, political and social conventions.

We define ourselves by our principles, that guide us in life and business. These principles are long held within the design community and we proudly elevate them to the pinnacle of what our organisation is about.

We are AGDA

AGDA is a community, we are here to represent and care for our members ongoing needs, while maintaining an understanding of the big picture and future issues. We're corporate, government and institutional designers. We’re freelancers, small-to-medium designers, we’re creatives from large studios. We educate, energise and mentor. We’re here for individual challenges, and alway there for common goals.

We’re a seat at the table

As a united community our members have the opportunity to government and policy-makers. Together we can contribute to better ideas, better solutions and a chance to be a part of something bigger and far reaching.