Give to get

We rely on our members as the life-blood of everything we do. We're Graphic Design Professionals, Students and Graduates volunteering their time and experience to find ways of promoting our industry and supporting our members in their professional lives.

We’re part of a thriving Graphic Design community and invite you to be part of it and contribute to it, however you can. It could be sharing a passion for typography and curating an exhibition. It could be creating a forum for the discussion of esoteric design principles. It could be a film night. Or a purely social evening to get to know the people in your part of the world.

Some of the best member events over the years started from an idea around a table, taken by a small group with energy and drive and ending up as a national initiative. Our mentorship is presided over by professionals in each state, keen to see the next generation take their turn. The incredible events run by each state council only happen with the love and support of a local team.

The challenge we all face as creatives is how to stay fresh, and to find our own voice. It’s a task made easier when you surround yourself with like-minded people who will never fail to surprise and delight when they rise to a passion project. Do yourself a favour, put your hand up and become a part of a member organisation who exists for this reason.