Are you really innovative?

Are you really innovative?

Who doesn’t want to be innovative? It may not be your positioning statement or used prominently on your web site but for a design business, it’s a mandatory requisite.

To be called a creative agency you have to be innovative. Client’s expect it.

How to prove you are innovative...

Fiscal fitness - One minute on the Business of Design

If you aren't fiscally fit you won't be able to run the race to your full potential. Here are three benchmarks to start your fiscal fitness test.

Grab your one minute on the Business of Design.

Setting a growth path

In the hurly burly of everyday studio life we often lose sight of the bigger picture. We feel like the business is growing but we're not in control of the growth. It's being dictated by the clients (or lack of them).

As the owner or manager you have the responsibility for guiding the business but you need everyone pulling in the same direction as you. You need the team to get behind you and work on the business with you.

This is what I have been able to achieve with studios who have done the Business of Design Leadership program.

Getting results

I have watched a sizeable increase in productivity, a change to the workplace culture and the team taking ownership through this program.

It's the MBA that the whole studio can do while they improve your business.

The best part: the increases in productivity and new business pays for the program.

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Working smarter not harder…

The Design Business Council was founded in 2005 to help creatives manage their business better. Since then, Greg has met with literally hundreds of Australian graphic designers to talk all matters business. He's a walking knowledge bank of information needed to start, manage and grow a creative business.