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Make it more 'edgy'

Make it more 'edgy'

Recently in Perth over a coffee I caught up with Marcus Taylor from Studio Papa and the conversation as always turned to clients and their foibles. We both agreed the client to be wary of is the one who says ‘Make it a bit more edgy.’

This conversation got me thinking about how deal with these types of clients. The issue is to get the client to see design as a business tool rather than decoration.

I think the answer lies in the stage before briefing.

Here's what I think...

A quick tip

A comment from our recent survey suggested we include a 'quick tip' each email. Something small that could be used immediately. Here's tip #3

DBC research shows while it's possible to bill up to 90% of a designers' time, it is advisable to calculate hourly cost rates on 70% of the working week. This will give a better profit margin for the business.

Source: The business of design, pages 71.

One minute on the business of design

In the first of a series of one minute videos Greg Branson explains the essence of competitive advantage.

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