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Talking money with clients

Talking money with clients

At a recent AGDA event Dan Johnson, Group Director of Creative and Strategy at Hoyne said he opens the discussion with clients by asking.

"Would you like to make a s*#t load of money?".

His point is that you start with the value the client puts on the project and then move to talking about fees.

The value mirror also shows a great way to start talking to clients about money.

Read about the value mirror

Where brand values meets finance

A newsletter talking about brand values popped into my inbox this week.

Much of the work DBC does with design studios involves either writing or referencing their mission, vision, values and purpose. Having and understanding brand values is an intrinsic part of a studio's culture.

The newsletter identified the gap between having brand values and acting on them. The example used was about meetings. The author ran workshops and was surprised when every participant had arrived, was seated and ready to go by 9am. That was an unusual occurrence - usually someone was late. When she mentioned that to the CEO, she advised that one of the company's brand values was based on integrity and honouring their word. One of the expressions of that value was everyone turns up on times for meetings.

So here's my link to brand values meets finance.

If a brand value includes respect, or integrity, it's fair to assume that value also pertains to finance. And that means respecting suppliers. And that means paying them on time.

So that means to honour your brand values, you need to pay your suppliers promptly.