I'm too busy to get new business

I'm too busy to get new business.

If you’re too busy then you need new business. That’s the conundrum.

Perhaps you are doing a high volume of low fee work or the work doesn't stimulate the team and the productivity is low. Either way you should be asking if you are selling the right services to the right clients at the right price.

Here's how to move to new business thinking..

Qualities of a great salesperson

I grew up surrounded by sales people. I learnt early on that you need to have rapport to sell and that means you need to understand the person you are selling to.

These are sales qualities ...

Want new business?

Get out of the building.

There are many design entrepreneurs who have set up a design studio and are actively seeking new business by selling the value of design.

The question is how do you get to this stage?

The answer is to behave like an entrepreneur and get out of the building. You meet clients, and their customers. Stop obsessing over pixel perfection in your designs and obsess over client and customer relationships.

Get out of the building...