Working in London

Working in London - inspiration

The UK design industry has long been the leader in measuring and proving design value.

In the late 90s they developed an approach to measuring design and applied it to a design index. I was reminded of this and inspired by what I saw...

Australia needs a design index

Hourly cost rates and design value

In the Business of Design I show a way to work out your hourly cost rate. This is just the beginning point for pricing policy.

In the book I also show 10 ways to sell design value with a premium pricing policy. This give you an approach to selling design value.

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Professional development - a premium pricing

Most studio owners see professional development as a money and time expense.

That's why the DBC PD program has been developed to turn PD from an expense to a revenue generator.

The Job Pricing E-Course at just $99 will quickly pay for the cost and time (plus increased revenue) with improved fees from a premium pricing policy.

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