Our Story

For too long, if you were creative and lived in Tasmania you had one option - move. Foundry was created to stop this from happening. In fact, we wanted to go one further. What if Tasmania had the best creative offering, culture and community in the country, and could hold its own on the world stage? This is Foundry and this is our story, to enable communities to reach their potential and focus their passion. For us, that starts with education.

Our Mission

Foundry has a simple mission – to foster creativity. We want education to excite people and champion community. We challenge the idea of education that’s high in faff and not relevant to the industry. This means we like education done the wholesome way, not the one size fits all, fast food way. Our partnered schools and bricks and mortar campuses turn your ideas from a dream into a viable career.

Our Spaces

We believe that creatives belong in creatively inspiring spaces. Our campuses are a perfect escape from the world to focus learn and collaborate. Beyond learning, the spaces transform into anything from a gallery space, to the stage for Australia’s most sought after designers and creatives. Foundry campuses are a home for creative community.

Our Method

At Foundry we’re constantly reassessing the way we teach, researching and experimenting with new techniques and methodologies and implementing what works.

This fits with the areas we teach. Areas like digital, design, user experience, interaction, creative thinking – areas that are all going through unprecedented change due to technology.

Our Future

Foundry is not just for students. Our community also includes teachers, parents, local creatives, designers, entrepreneurs and members of the wider community who are passionate about innovation, creativity and the future of Tasmania. Enquire here to find out how you can get in on the action!