Our mission is to provide an environment that allows businesses to connect and grow, and we achieve this through continuous research and mindful consideration of every aspect within our spaces.

Space Options

Whether you’re a freelancer or a large enterprise, we have options to suit your needs.

Open Desk

24-7 access to open workspace at your dedicated location.
From $410 p/month

Dedicated Desk

24-7 access to a desk area of your own, within an open space.
From $640 p/month

Private Office

24-7 access to your own private, enclosed office space.
From $1,600 p/month

What defines us

Considered Design

Our spaces have been designed with meticulous attention to detail and the belief that good design is essential to improving the work-life integration of our members. Every aspect of The Commons exists to inspire and shed unnecessary obstacles, so our members can focus on their ideas.


Community in the workplace is the foundation for success. From the time we opened our first set of doors, our primary objective has always been to support our members and the community they spend their days with.

Human-Centred Thinking

The services we provide are centred on helping our members achieve an integrated work life. From our onsite wellness program to our dedicated quiet zones, we’re always bringing it back to the core goal of tailoring an experience catered to our complex human needs.

Sustainability Focused

The Commons is a dynamic and ever-evolving organisation actively working towards creating a more environmentally-conscious business model. In 2019, we invested in renewable energy, offsetting our energy-related carbon emissions. Additionally, we give our members easy options to make sustainable decisions in their daily lives.